About Me

At 52 years of age, I’d had enough. Year after year, decade after decade, job after job I worked to climb the corporate ladder; I didn’t climb mind you, merely worked at climbing. And on May 15 of 2015 I walked on only the second of two jobs I’d ever had.

The phenomenon that I had become mired in is acquisition. When a company is successful, but possesses traits that threaten it’s ongoing success, it becomes an acquisition target. When a company is acquired, mercenaries come in and gather all the information and intelligence that they can concerning the operations and performance of the company. Invariably after that they cut costs, and one of the more obvious cuts to make is to cut the folks who developed things in favor of folks who could administer them. Design and development are areas that remain firmly in the hands of the newcomers, the “new owners”, “new management”, “new boss”.

After several months of serving the interests of the newcomers, it became blatantly clear to me that my days were numbered. And the fact that my boss’s boss recreated my job, just as I was doing the same on his direction, pointed to the eventuality that I was toast. So I took it upon myself to make the exit then rather than drag it out for another two weeks.

This process is unfortunately very familiar to me as I have gone through it with my last four employers (keepers?) and it always ends the same: me becoming an undesirable expense. So at 52 I could go ahead and try it again; throw the dice again and gamble a few more years of my life; try to climb that ladder. Or I could shrug it all off and try to just live my life the way I want to; which doesn’t include subduing all of my desires, goals, interests, and taking on the priorities of others so that I can be paid a pittance with which I can approach my desires as hobbies in my spare time.

No thanks, sink or swim I chose to take a different approach. I quit the job, sold the house, jettisoned almost everything I owned, bought a travel trailer and a tow vehicle to haul it with and headed out to figure out what it is I want in my life. I aim to find out what I will do with my time, given time to do it with. Rather than renting myself out in my prime ours each day and each week, I choose to invest that time in me and mine more directly.