Whose face is this?
I recognize
The steely glare within his eyes
He is a man who truly tries
But he doesn’t realize
That I am standing steady here
The words I say don’t reach his ear
I know of things that he can’t hear
I think…
Why sure, it’s finally clear
This man I see is in the mirror
That man who’s there in front of me
Is me, myself, and I can see
That he is trapped, but I am free

“Listen, Man, I’m telling you,
I know the things that you can do.
Since you were young you always knew,
That images weren’t always true.”
He moves his hand
and I mime
He speaks words
and I rhyme
It’s obvious to me
he’s in his prime
I’ll give him time
Life is a game for the wild
You grow tame from a child
Or suffer shame and exile
You step forth from the crowd
Wanting to shout out loud,
“I am ME and I am proud!”
But amidst the cogs of the milling crowd
Your songs are plowed
They say, “When you’re a man you’ll be content.”
Then they warn you to repent
And threaten, “To Hell you will be sent!”
If control to them you won’t relent
Sometimes I could kill
Give life to a pill
I never will
This man in the mirror knows how I feel
I’ve been told that I’m a sinner
By those who don’t know what I’ve done
I’ve been praised as a winner
By those without a clue to what I’ve won
Still I’m that man in the mirror
And it’s coming clear
That I am not the things I fear
I am now
and I am here